About Us


Stack & Sprout was founded by Nicholas Chepesiuk, Marie, Ryan, and Brandon Austin - entrepreneurs who have collectively built successful companies in various industries. 

While trying to garden on their condominium patio, Ryan and his wife Marie experienced what most people living in urban areas do - a lack of space on the balcony. It was a challenge to find products that were affordable and easy to use.
Also, living in a major city, gardening stores were less accessible to find. Ryan and Marie would travel to gardening stores to buy pots, soil, plants, and seeds... not to mention having to clean messy soil bags after attempting to garden on their balcony. 

Having built a successful product in the past, Marie called on the help of her husband Ryan, his brother Brandon, and their long-time friend, Nicholas, to bring the idea of Stack & Sprout to urban spaces around the world.


With no green thumb required, Stack & Sprout's mission is to make gardening easy for anyone to grow like a pro.  Simply stack each middle module to your desired height, pop in a smart soil capsule into a pod with your favorite seed, and fill the water tank. Then, let the Stack & Sprout do the rest. Soon enough, you'll be harvesting your very own fresh herbs, fruits, and veggies for cooking, crafting cocktails, and more! 

For every full vertical garden set purchased, Stack & Sprout pledges to plant a tree.

As a partner of Evertreen we plan to offset Co2 and alleviate poverty by pledging to plant a tree with every Stack & Sprout starter set sold.