Frequently Asked Questions:

What variety of plants can be cultivated in the Stack & Sprout?

The Stack & Sprout is versatile, accommodating a vast selection of herbs, vegetables, and fruits. While the thrill of experimenting with new plants adds to its allure, we've already had success with the following:

  • Herbs: Basil, chamomile, chives, dill, lavender, lemon grass, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme (including common, lemon, caraway, wooly, elfin, silver, orange, lavender, broadleaf, among others) and more.

  • Vegetables: Arugula, beans (such as snap beans, green/string beans, lima beans, bush beans, fava beans, blay-eyed peas, among others), bok choy, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumbers, dandelion, eggplant, kale, all varieties of lettuce, okra, bell peppers, hot peppers, chili peppers, squashes, rhubarb, spinach, sprouts, and more.

  • Fruits: Strawberries, tomatoes, tomatillos, etc.

  • Others: Flowers and leafy greens.

How tall are the Stack & Sprout units with 2 modules, and what is the height of each add-on module?

  • The starter package, which includes two modules, stands at approximately 30 inches in height and occupies a 1x1 square foot area. Each additional module measures slightly under 9 inches in height.

Regarding soil options, do you need to exclusively use the smart soil capsules, or can regular garden soil be used?

  • While technically feasible to use any growing material that fits inside the pods, we do not recommend traditional garden soil due to its potential for messiness or pump clogs. It's important to note that Stack & Sprout's smart soil capsules are specifically engineered to optimize the growth of herbs and vegetables. For the best results, we highly recommend using them.

How do I plant seeds in the Stack & Sprout system and care for them?

  • When planting seeds in the Stack & Sprout system, follow these steps:

    • Seed Selection and Quantity:

      • While we'll provide guidance on recommended seeds and quantities, seed packs typically have specific instructions. For most plants, you'll need between 1 to 3 seeds.

    • Planting and Using the Greenhouse Cap:

      • After placing the seeds, cover them with the Stack & Sprout greenhouse cap. This helps in seed germination. Once the sprouting plant touches the cap's interior, it's time to remove it and allow the plant to grow freely.

    • Nutrient Addition:

      • Enhancing the water with nutrients can promote better growth. However, ensure you follow specific instructions provided with your nutrient solution to avoid over-concentration. If you see your plants wilting, it might mean that you’ve added too much nutrients. Simply empty the water using the valve at the bottom of the base, and then add fresh water. This will help to refresh the water concentration.

    • Monitoring Plant Health:

      • If you notice your plants starting to wilt, use the water release valve located at the bottom. Let out about 3/4 of the water, then refill your Stack & Sprout with fresh water. This can help rejuvenate your plants and ensure they get the nutrients they need.

Does the spinning motion of the tower have any negative effects on the plant roots?

  • No, the spinning motion doesn't negatively impact the roots. The tower is designed to swivel smoothly at the base, ensuring no disturbance to either the roots or the integrated pump and plug. This feature is part of our innovative design.

Can Stack & Sprout be utilized indoors during the winter season?

  • While Stack & Sprout is primarily designed for outdoor gardening, it is possible to cultivate your garden indoors using our unit. In such cases, it's essential to install indoor UV plant lights above or around the Stack & Sprout to ensure your garden thrives and remains healthy throughout the winter.

Is everything you need to get started included in the package, or are additional purchases required?

  • Each Stack & Sprout package comes fully equipped with everything you need, except seeds (due to shipping regulations).

  • Depending on the package you choose, you will receive at least the following items: 1 x Base Module, 2 x Middle Modules (or more if purchased), 1 x Top Module, 1 x AC/DC Charger, 8 x Plant Pods*, 8 x Smart Soil Capsules*, and 1 x Water Pump with Extenders.